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Whole30 Before

On June 8, 2015 my husband and I are starting the Whole30 diet. I have mentioned it before, but the diet was recommended by a GI nurse that my mom met in the airport. After my mom told me about it I read “It Starts With Food” and the “Whole30” diet book and I was on board.

My Dr. in Seattle has stated that he believes diet has nothing to do with my UC, but my Dr. in FL has said that diet has everything to do with UC along with stress. So due to these conflicting reports from doctors in general, I have decided to take things into my own hands and try it. I plan on staying on the diet for at least 30 days and then very slowly introduce things back in to see what does and doesn’t affect me. I will be keeping a journal and will be updating things on the blog to track my progress. As stated before, along with the Whole30 plan, I will be following the programs advice for autoimmune diseases and IBD and will be also staying away from Nightshade plants and eggs.

I don’t need to loose weight, but the diet is supposed to change body composition so I took before photos and measurements to see if it actually does move things around. I am also curious as to whether my always bloated and swollen stomach/abdomen will go down.

Before measurements: Chest, 36in x Waist, 29in x Hips, 35in

Before Photos:




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