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Posts tagged ‘quick dinner’

Whole30 Day 3-5

We are still going strong with Whole30. Here is a rundown of Days 3-5

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Quick Afternoon Salad Break

This weekend after running errands for a few hours I came home starving. Since we had been to the grocery store, I threw together a quick afternoon salad for a snack as we were having a late dinner with friends on Sunday night.

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Easy Chicky Chicky Parm Parm

This weekend we went shopping at Trader Joe's for our groceries. Every time we shop there we also stop by the free coffee and check out whatever food samples that they are doing for the day.

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Reuben Sandwich

My favorite sandwich of all time if the Reuben. The only time I usually get to enjoy one is when I am in Florida at my parents and go to Jason's Deli. They make an amazing Gluten Free Reuben that is the size of your head.

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White Chicken Chili

When planning out meals for this week, I decided I wanted White Chicken Chili for one of the meals.

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