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How to K1 visa

After deciding to get married, we were unsure about where or how we could legally get married. I am American, my now husband is British. We decided to get married in America and settle in Seattle, WA. I wanted to share our experience of how we were able to legally get our K1 fiancé Visa in order to get married in the USA.

To start off, this site became my best friend: It is full of useful information and a very strong community support group. I was able to find all information of how we needed to apply and secure our K1 visa as well as our working visa and greencard all through this site without having to use a lawyer.

I used this guide in order to fill out the 129F paperwork:

I would follow this exactly. The only thing that I did additional to this was for our proof that we had met within the past two years, I included at least 20 photos. I also sent text conversations and Skype conversations to prove that we were in an ongoing relationship.

Here is our timeline to receive our K-1 fiancé Visa.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 2.02.27 PM

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