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Top 10 GF Eats

After spending close to 7 years in NYC and spending countless hours dining in as many restaurants as I could, here are my favourite gluten free eats in the city.

1. Mozzarelli’s: This little pizza shop is located near the Flatiron Building right across from Madison Square Park. They have a shelf that has just GF pizza and sell loads of GF desserts and cookies also in the store. I had my birthday party at Mozzarelli’s a few years ago and they gave me 4 free cupcakes just to make me feel special. The owners niece has celiacs, so they are very aware of cross contamination.

2.  Friedman’s Lunch: This is also a little place that I am known to celebrate my birthday in. They have an amazing GF Pastrami Rueben that is to die for. It is definitely big enough to split, or will fill you up if you are extra hungry.

3. Tu-Lu’s Bakery: This is my favourite bakery in NYC. It is much better than the highly publicised Babycakes. They have a ton of baked goods and they also sell sandwiches if you fancy going there for lunch.

4. S’Mac: This is a place to go if you are craving something rich. It is a Mac and Cheese restaurant. They have all different kinds of meats and cheeses that you can mix into your dish. They also offer many different sizes of dishes depending on your hunger level.

5. Risotteria: This is one of the original GF places in NYC. They have amazing risotto and the pizza isn’t bad either. They also have special pasta dishes a few nights a week if you prefer that over risotto. I think the best thing at this restaurant is the breadsticks. Do note that there can be a wait at peak times as this place is tiny.

6. Nizza: Nizza is a different kind of Italian restaurant. The pizza is made out of chickpea flour and is much different than what you would get at Mozzarelli’s. It is still really good though. I would go here if I want something a little bit fancier. They also have GF Bread and GF pasta on the menu.

7. Bluesmoke: Being a Southern gal, I love BBQ. This place has a special GF menu which includes some great ribs. I also stuffed myself with their BBQ beans which weren’t bad either.

8. Cafe 82: If you are looking for a GF breakfast, look no further than Cafe 82. They have a huge GF menu which includes French toast and waffles. I have never had a reaction here, but according to Yelp, others have.

9. Babycakes: What I like best about Babycakes is that they have a lot of seconds from the day before that you can get for half price. The donuts are just as good the next day. I also like that the owner is routinely in the store working hard with everyone else to keep the place going.

10. Maoz: This is my go to lunch/dinner place if I am on the run and need to eat really fast. There are several locations in NYC and the food is pretty healthy also. I aways get the falafel salad with hummus and baba ganoush. You can pile the salad and falafel high with things from their salad bar and the items that are GF are clearly marked.

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