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Weeks 0-16

I went to Virginia Mason every 2 weeks for 12 weeks during the first phase of the study. During each appointment they took blood, did a pregnancy test and asked if I would still like to be a part of the study. I also had to bring in a diary of 7 days prior to the appointment detailing the frequency of my stool and if there was blood in my stool. For each of the appointments from week 0 to week 12, I took a small dose of the pig whipworm eggs. Just to note, the study is a 50/50 double blind placebo so I may or may not have been ingesting the worms. I could have been ingesting salt water for all I know.

Everyone involved in the study was so nice and great to have on my medical team. I looked forward to my appointments every week.

At week 12, they did another colonoscopy. It showed no signs of improvement and I still have active Ulcerative Colitis. After the colonoscopy, the nurse also called me to let me know that I had an infection in my colon called C. Diff. They are not sure if I had already had this infection or if it was caused by my first colonoscopy. Unfortunately for me, I have had no change since the infection has healed and still have all the symptoms that I have during a flare.

At my follow-up appointment at week 16, I requested to go back onto Rowasa, which is another type of mesalamine to get my flare-up under control. After taking it a few times, I already feel amazingly better. Once I receive the results of whether or not I was on the real worms, I may try to order some once I am able to try and heal the UC naturally, without it getting any worse and having to go onto more severe medications.

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