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Green Lake Trail Hike



This past weekend we went for our first Spring hike of the year. We have had non-stop rain for what feels like 6 months and having a weekend where it was sunny and in the 60s was definitely something we wanted to take advantage of.

We hiked the Green Lake Trail near Mt. Rainier. The Green Lake trail itself is really great. The logging road leading up to it and away from it were a little long (6 miles total), but was worth it for the view in the end. I am 22 weeks pregnant and easily able to navigate this hike. The waterfall a little over a mile up the actual trail (4 miles in) was beautiful and very strong with all the rain that we have had this year. Only a few trees down that we were easily able to navigate over. Near the top there was a little slushy snow, but with the sun and warmer temperatures I assume will have melted pretty quickly.

We stayed at the lake for about 30 minutes and enjoyed our lunch with a few other hikers. Very low crowds on this trail even though the parking lot was overfilled. Would definitely recommend to others. A tip for others that I wish we could take advantage of. If you have a mountain bike, it would be great to ride to the trailhead along the logging road and lock up your bikes before hitting the 3.6 miles of actual trail.

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