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Seattle Hot Chocolate Run 5K 2016

I signed up for the hot chocolate run back in December when I first found out that I was pregnant. I knew that I would be 18 weeks during the run and was hoping to at least run/walk the race depending on how I felt and any pain or discomfort I had while running.

Unfortunately I have been swamped at work, having to commute to and from our home to the East side of Seattle which takes an extra 2 hours a day. With work and pregnancy, I did not train at all for the race. I was hoping that my walking the hills of Seattle would help me be able to complete the race, that was my only goal.

I woke up bright and early thanks to our little alarm clock cat and was at the starting line 15 minutes early. Seattle has had non-stop rain since October making it the wettest winter on record. I was very happy that there was a break in the rain for my race.

I ended up going in Corral B as I did not know how fast I would be going and was glad to not have the super hard core runners in my group. When the race started I broke out into a steady jog going about 11/11:30 min miles. I thought I would go at this speed for about a mile and then walk a little. After a mile, I still felt really good and kept on going. I ended up jogging the entire race, save for 2 hills which I stopped a little bit for. My final time was 36 min for the 5K. I was so happy that I was able to run while pregnant and to feel good and strong doing it. As soon as I crossed the finish line, the rain started back up, which was unfortunate for the 15K racers, but was perfect timing for me.

I enjoyed the hot chocolate run more this year than I did last, and hope to run the race in the future. I do want to make a special point to say that my favorite part of this race is the sweatshirt that you get for the race. I felt like this year’s was not as good as last. It is bigger, doesn’t have zipped pockets and there is no hood. But it is still comfortable and I am happy to wear it.



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