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Whole30 Reintroduction – Dairy

Let me start off is that I know that I am lactose intolerant. I had the special test done where they measure the gas in your breath after drinking lactose when I was 15 years old. I got sick from the lactose that they made me drink, so I knew right away and it was confirmed when the test results came back that I was lactose intolerant. I stayed away from dairy for about 10 years then I moved to London. The cheese in England is so, so good and it is incredibly cheap at the stores. Since living abroad and having a dairy loving husband, I have ingested more dairy products than I would have liked in the past couple of years. Going on Whole30 and cutting out the cheese and ice cream really helped with my bloating and I went back to the memories of being dairy free for so long.

While I would like to not eat a lot of dairy, I do know that it is inevitable, so I decided to reintroduce with yogurt. I found some local full fat, grass fed yogurt at Whole Foods and decided on the vanilla flavor. After eating, I really didn’t have any symptoms. I think because it had been a while I must be alright with the intolerant bit for small doses, plus I know that the good bacteria in dairy sometimes out ways the side effects.

I definitely really enjoyed the yogurt and plan to have again every now and then.


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