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Whole30 Reintroduction – Eggs

Since we did the auto immune version of the Whole30, I stayed away from eggs. So during the reintroduction phase, I added them back in. We just bought a 5 in 1 griddler from Bed, Bath and Beyond that came with waffle plates which I am already in love with, so wanted to come up with a way that we could use it. I found a paleo friendly recipe for pancakes that we could use instead for waffles. It just a few ingredients, mainly coconut flour, eggs, and bananas. Now, I am not a huge fan of bananas but actually thought that this recipe was really tasty, not bad for me and will make it again.

Overall feelings of eggs is, they didn’t seem to bother me. I am not a huge fan of eggs, so having it mixed in with other ingredients made it much more tasty. I have had this recipe twice and the first time, tummy was fine. The second time I had it for breakfast, I had major tummy issues, but its hard to know whether it was food related or just my UC. I have a pretty stressful career so hard to tell where my symptoms are coming from. Still really hoping that food is my trigger for most of my UC symptoms and I can start to get things under control without having to resort to stronger medications from the doctor.


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