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Whole30 Days 22 & 23

Here is a recap of days 22 & 23 on the Whole30.

Day 22: 

Breakfast: Smoothie (pineapple, apple, mixed berries, water, almond butter, chia seeds, pomegranite juice) I know you aren’t supposed to have smoothies, but I had an early morning meeting I had to run to and didn’t have time to cook and had to eat on the run.

Lunch: Chicken Sausages and salad (lettuce, olives, avocado, balsamic vinegar, olive oil)

Dinner: Ground chicken and zucchini fritters and plantains


After Dinner Snack: Raspberries and Cherries

What I drank: Ginger Tea, Water

How I felt: Stomach still not back to normal. It still hurts and I am having to run to the toilet more.

Day 23: 

Breakfast: Homemade Chicken Patties and Sweet Potato Hash

Lunch: Salad in a Jar (canned chicken, avocado, olives, lettuce, balsamic vinegar) and a nectarine

Dinner: Pork, Kale and Zoodle Soup

After Dinner Snack: Cherries and Raspberries

What I drank: Water, Ginger Tea, Kombucha (I tried the Chai flavor and it was super yummy)

How I felt: Still suffering with my stomach. Have feeling of fullness much more while I am eating and don’t feel the need to snack anymore. This is more from the pain than anything else. Still having feelings of frustration that I am doing this diet to heal my UC and it is in a current flare and only seems to be getting worse. Took a mesalmine last night to hopefully calm it down.

Exercise: Went to the Bouldering Gym

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  1. Those zucchini fritters look tasty!


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