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GF Food Truck – Napkin Friends

Today I was at home around lunch time and I saw a food truck parked out of our apartment building. Curious, I looked it up. It’s called Napkin Friends. At first I thought, oh well, its sandwiches I can’t have anything. I then looked a little more on their website and saw the magic words “gluten free”. Instead of using bread to make up the sandwich, they use potato latkes. After going for a lunchtime run, I quickly went to the food truck where there was a little bit of a line, but I was happy to wait. I ordered a¬†B.L.T.G.A., which is bacon, lettuce, tomato, smoked gouda, avocado and peppadew aioli. The sandwich also came with a pickle slice. Once I got the sandwich home, I tore into it. It was still really warm and oh my goodness, it was absolutely delicious. It really was a sandwich that I will have again. After looking on their website, I see that they are in our neighborhood every Thursday, so I may be taking a monthly lunchtime break from work to go order one of these. A massive bonus was that the chef was super nice and he seemed to recognize all the regulars, so hopefully we will be on a first name basis soon. You can check their website for their daily locations, or their Twitter account where they seem to update on a daily basis their location¬†around the Seattle/Bellevue area.


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