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Our Favorite Indian Restaurant in Seattle

Since Mark is British, we have been looking out for the most authentic British Indian food in Seattle. We have found a few places that were just ok in Queen Anne, but haven’t seemed to find anything that was anywhere close to the Indian food that we get in England. That all changed when we found Mayuri Indian Cuisine. It is in a strip mall out in Bellevue, but do not let the outside image deter from the delicious food inside. So far we have been 2 times and here are our favorite things to eat: ONION PAKORAS, BAIGAN BHARTHA, SAAG PANEER, CHICKEN BIRYANI and PAPPADUMS. This easily fed 3 of us and gave us leftovers for the next day. There is definitely a reason to go to the Eastside to eat at this place. Also, just wanted to point out that the entire menu is labeled with what dishes are GF. Most of them are except for the Naan bread. I haven’t had any issues with getting sick from cross contamination. This is definitely a place that is on our weekly date night list, it is really that good.

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