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The Olympic Peninsula

My parents have been in town recently and we decided to take them out of Seattle the Saturday before last. We talked about all of our options, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Saint Helens, the Olympic Peninsula. We settled on leaving early on the Saturday and taking the Bainbridge ferry over to the Olympic Peninsula. The forecast was overcast and we dressed for our hike as if the weather was going to be in the 60s.

Our first stop was on Bainbridge Island and we were lucky enough to stop my Storyville coffee on their opening day. We got free coffee drinks, my parents got granola and we got to sample their sodas. It was definitely a pleasant surprise. We then got back on the road and started drive towards Hurricane Ridge. The weather was still overcast, but as soon as we got into the ‘banana belt’ the sun was shining and it was nice and warm. Driving up we stumbled on some deer in a neighborhood near Port Angeles and on up into the National forest. On the drive into the forest it started to rain and then up and up we went and then the rain turned into snow. And it wasn’t just a little bit of snow, but a lot of snow on the ground. We definitely weren’t prepared, especially with the mild winter that we had, but it was nice to enjoy the snow with my parents. We got out of the car at Hurricane Ridge and started on the loop hike. I believe it was the Sunset Ridge hike, but I am not absolutely positive.

Once we got our fill of the snow, we headed back down into the much warmer ‘banana belt’. We headed to the Dungeness Spit and hiked up and down the beach. It definitely was a very weird day with the two types of climates, but made for a great day for my parents to be able to experience.

We then went for dinner at The Harbour Public House. My parent and Mark were able to enjoy the fish and chips as I enjoyed a BBQ baked potato. They have GF options on the menu, but unfortunately they had run out of GF Bread so I couldn’t enjoy a burger. Also their fries are in a shared fryer, so I could not risk the cross contamination.

Overall very fun day and we would definitely do it again, although I am not sure we would be lucky enough to get the snow/sun experience again.



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  1. sweeeeet! did you need chains on your tires for trekking up the mountain to Hurricane Ridge?


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