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My Next Half Marathon

A few weeks ago I was surfing the web and decided to check out The Oatmeal to see if there were any new comics to read. A while back Mark discovered this comic on running we have been obsessed ever since: Definitely read it is you have time, it is absolutely true for me and Mark.

Last year Matthew Inman who is creator of The Oatmeal and a Seattleite decided to actually take his comics into real life and organized a Beat the Blerch Half Marathon and Marathon. The race sold out within 20 minutes. We were pretty upset that we didn’t get in especially because it was just outside Seattle in Carnation, WA. Well for this year, I have been looking for races to sign up for. I was going to do the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half again, but when I broke my arm that really ate into my training plan. The day that I stumbled upon the Oatmeal was the same day that this year’s Beat the Blerch event sign-ups started. I was so happy when I saw it. The race is September 12th, so I have plenty of time to get my training on. Mark was all for it, so I immediately signed us up for the race. Luckily we got in and it sold out within a couple of days.

I have already started my training by doing a 2 mile run which was hard, but I ran it at a decent pace. We have also been walking a lot especially up Queen Anne Hill and have gone for a number of hikes. I am definitely going to get serious about my training and plan to do three 2-3 mile runs a week. I will then start to increase my mileage slowly on the weekends and will start doing a little longer runs throughout the week. I feel like I still have plenty of time to go at my training slowly to prevent injury and will document my progress here.

My goal for the run is to beat my previous half marathon time which was officially 2:19:56. I feel like this is definitely achievable especially since the Beat the Blerch is a trail run and is relatively flat with a slight incline for the first half of the race and a decline for the last half. This should get me my PR and I really look forward to my training and the race.

Anyone else sign up for Beat the Blerch?

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