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Weekend Wanderings

This weekend we didn’t have hard core plans as it was forecasted to rain most of the weekend. I had been looking on the WTA site for good hikes to do in the rain, but was coming up short on my search. We decided that we were going to go to Snoqualmie Falls and then check out the surrounding North Bend area while we were around there. The Falls were absolutely stunning. It was definitely worth the drive and we just stood and stared at the magnitude of it for awhile. There is also a lot of information around the history of the falls and how they are using the power of it for their electrical plant. We then just started driving and stumbled upon Meadowbrook Farm. In the open field, there were tons of huge elk. We parked and got out of the car and walked around to a nearby bench to watch the Elk. While we were there, lots of other people pulled over but they all stayed in their cars. This Farm is right in the shadow of Mount Si and it was definitely a very beautiful place to visit. We found a few good running paths while we were driving around and will be returning for some nice picturesque long runs. I really hope to go back in a few weeks to hike Mount Si, Little Si or one of the surrounding mountains.

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