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Reuben Sandwich

My favorite sandwich of all time if the Reuben. The only time I usually get to enjoy one is when I am in Florida at my parents and go to Jason’s Deli. They make an amazing Gluten Free Reuben that is the size of your head. While we were planning our weekly meals this week, Mark suggested that we make Double Decker Reubens and I was all for it. Here is how I assembled everything.


– 6 pieces GF Bread (I used Franz Mountain White)

– Thousand Island Dressing (Ken’s is GF)

– 6 pieces Corned Beef (Boar’s Head is GF)

– 4 big slices Baby Swiss Cheese (Boar’s Head is GF)

– Sauerkraut (Boar’s Head is GF)

– Earth Balance Spreadable Butter


Add the butter to outside of the bread. Place slice of bread butter side down on skillet. Add the thousand island dressing, then slice of cheese, then corned beef, then sauerkraut. Add second piece of bread (unbuttered) then more sauerkraut, corned beef, cheese,thousand island and end the sandwich with the other buttered slice of bread. I cooked with the skillet on number 6 heat. Right before ready to flip, I pressed down on the sandwich with a spatula in order to flatten it out. Once the buttered side browned, I flipped the sandwich and turned the heat to 5. I then let the sandwich continue to heat up until the other side was browned while flattening with spatula.

This sandwich was huge and very filling. Will definitely make again as it is so easy and brings back so many great memories of my childhood.

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