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Steven’s Pass

Living in Seattle means that we have access to a few different ski resorts within a 2-3 hour drive. This year, our primary resort was Steven’s Pass. The reason being that it is only 1.5 hours away from our house, it has been open longer than every other resort in our area and our friend’s like to snowboard there. We have gone to the resort 3 times this year. The first time was the first week they were open and it snowed most of the day. We spent this time familiarizing ourselves with the resort and my cousin Heather was in town so we enjoyed spending time with her. The second time, it also snowed some and we spent the day with friends. Then lines were crazy busy, so we spent most of the day going up the Brooks chair and down those runs. The snow cover this year has been pretty low and all of the lifts have yet to open this season. The 3rd time we went, the back of the mountain was open and we spent the first part of the day exploring that area. It was slushy and very low coverage, but the lines were short and their were hardly any crowds. On our last run before an early lunch, I went through a gate between the top and bottom of the mountain and hit a piece of ice, due to the low coverage and overuse of the resort. I unfortunately broke my arm and had to walk down the mountain to ski patrol.

My feelings on Steven’s after this season are the following:

– Closest resort to Seattle with snow

– Good amount of green and blue runs

– The use of their autoload card is nice so you can get straight onto the lifts

– The resort is overcrowded and has long lift lines

– The majority of people are skiers and a lot of the runs cater to them instead of boarders

– They have stayed open later than I would recommend and the conditions are hazardous

Next year, I am hoping that there is more snow and we will be spending most weekends at the resort as possible. I think that will definitely make most of my negative observations go away and it will be all positives.

IMG_3794 IMG_3793 IMG_3789

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