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Gluten Free in Seattle – Round 1 Reviews

Since moving to Seattle, I have been on the hunt for all things gluten free food. Overall, Seattle has many more options for gluten free than any other city I have ever been in. Here is a list of a few places that we have tried, as well as my review of them.

Biscuit Bitch (has GF options, not a dedicated kitchen): This is where I go to get my grits fix in Seattle. Being a Southerner who moved up here, I can attest to the grits being just what my momma makes at home. They have gluten free biscuit offerings which sold me when I first heard that. The hot sausage is also really good. I give it 4 out of 5 stars as I feel like there isn’t enough space to sit inside as you usually have to wait for a table, as well as prices are a little high, but I get it for this touristy area.

5 Spot  (has GF options, not a dedicated kitchen): I have eaten here twice with out of town guest. Both times was during the Yakima Valley Menu. We were very happy both times with our service and the food that we were served. The restaurant has a gluten free menu and I can enjoy something like a breakfast sandwich on gluten free bread. The only thing that I do not like about the menu is the hashbrowns. They are seasoned with some spices that I do not care for and are not regular hashbrowns like you would expect from a place like the Waffle House. So if you want plain hashbrowns, stay clear of them here, otherwise the food is delicious and I will be coming back for the next touring menu.

Cuoco (has GF options, not a dedicated kitchen): This is the 2nd restaurant of our Tom Douglass tour. The service was ok. We had a reservation so we got in upon arriving at the restaurant. Props for having a choice of GF pasta, but it would be nice if they also had a GF bread option. The portions are tiny, I left hungry! Also, the price is very expensive for the portion size. Sadly, this does not receive more than 3 out of 5 stars…will not be going again.

Portage Bay Cafe (has GF options, not a dedicated kitchen): We have eaten here 3 times and each time, I leave wanting to come back. I have had the Gluten free crepes, the gluten free pancakes and the gluten free breakfast sandwich. The pancakes and crepes come with an all you can eat topping bar which has tons of fresh fruit. Everything is delicious here and its worth the hour wait to get in on a busy Saturday or Sunday.

Flying Apron (dedicated GF facility): I have now had a variety of what the bakery offers and feel like I can offer up a helpful review. I have the chocolate pie, the Almond Cake, the chocolate chip cookie, the cinnamon bun and a few other bits of things. Some of the items are better than others. The pie and cake were good, but other items like the cinnamon bun and some of their breakfast breads were too beanie. It definitely taste like garbanzo bean flour. The cinnamon bun was my least favorite as it was very dense and not yeasty/fluffy like a gluten filled cinnamon bun. They also have very limited seating, so you may have to get your order to go to enjoy it.

Krua Thai Family Kitchen (has GF options, not a dedicated kitchen): I really like this place because they have a gluten free menu. My husband and I were starving one night and passed this place and decided to get take-out. The service was really quick and the food was really tasty. Also, the portions are huge! We were able to eat off of our entrees for two meals. I also am a fan of the Tom Yum soup, it really have a nice sweet and sour flavor.We have now visited this place several times and keep enjoying it.

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