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Seattle Hikes

One reason we moved to the Pacific Northwest was to take advantage of all the outdoor activities that were readily available outside of Seattle. One thing that we have really have gotten into is hiking. We hiked throughout the Spring, Summer, Fall and now the Winter.

This is is where we have found most of our information around local hikes and hiker reviews:

Here are a few of the hikes that we have completed so far:

Rattlesnake Ledge (Snoqualmie Pass- North Bend Area)

Bandera Mountain (Snoqualmie Pass- North Bend Area)

Mt. Washington (Snoqualmie Pass- North Bend Area)

Ira Spring Trail/Mason Lake (Snoqualmie Pass- North Bend Area)

Twin Falls (Snoqualmie Pass- North Bend Area)

Skyline Divide (North Cascades)

Wallace Falls (Central Cascades)

Tumwater Pipeline Trail (Central Cascades)

Lena Lake (Olympics)

Lower Dungness River (Olympics)

Bench and Snow Lake Trail (Mt. Rainier)

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  1. And even if you hike the same trail, every season brings something new. Love the PNW! =)


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