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I’m back….GF foods in England

Juliet's Lemon Feather Cake

After a long hiatus, I am now back to blogging. Since my last update, I have gone from New York City, to London, and back to America. I am engaged and getting ready to marry my British fiancé. I have found some amazing Gluten free food in England. The choices are so much better than even my beloved NYC. So, I wanted to share a little of the places that I have found.

First off, my favourite place is in a town called Tunbridge Wells that is in the county of Kent. It is a cute little Farm to table/seasonal/fresh cafe that is full of middle aged women, and 20/30s with their babies who are out for the day. I love that every time I eat at Juliets the selection is always different. My tried and true thing that is a must have is the Gluten Free Lemon Feather cake. They only make one cake a day and once it is gone, its gone. Even my gluten loving friends have to get this cake after their meal. The other bonus is that they mark off what is gluten free everyday and most days all but one or two I am able to eat. Here is a little section of the food that I have had there.

Juliets Cafe Lunch

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