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Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Recently I was really craving chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t have all the different gluten free flours on hand to create them from scratch, so I picked up a box of Gluten Free Pantry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix while I was at Whole Foods.

The cookies were super easy to make. I started out with one batch and discovered that my new cookie sheet  was too big for my little city oven, but that didn’t stop me. I shoved the cookie sheet in until the oven door was almost shut. I cooked the first batch for half the amount of time and then rotated the cookie sheet. While I was doing this, the cookies were close to being done. I left them in for a few more minutes (which was still short of the cooking time that was called for) and they came out a little overdone. They still tasted good though. I cooked the second batch for even a couple less minutes than the first batch and they ended up perfect. These cookies are really good and freeze really well. I even like to enjoy them straight from the freezer (that’s my favorite way to eat them).

I definitely will be buying these again, as its so easy to just have one box for cookies rather than several different kinds of starches/flours lying around.

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